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Large Format Touchscreen Displays

Huge touch screen monitor

Make a BIG impression in your exhibit with a large format touch screen display.  The huge variety of sizes available in touchscreen monitors allows you to fill any wall area with screens that will attract attention and educate your visitors.  We offer a number of touch screen brands, sizes and technologies to our customers based on individual needs and budgets.  Our touch screen display offerings include:

  • Elo Touchmonitors and other brands
  • Sizes from 15 inch to 70 inch (for EloTouch)
  • Larger sizes with other touch screen brands
  • Open frame and closed frame touchscreens
  • Mounting hardware and accessories


For more information on adding large format touch screen displays to your museum or public venue, give us a call at 973-882-9411 x14, email us at, or fill out our request quote form.