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Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, May 22, 2013/Categories: Customizable Touch Screen Kiosk Games

This game was developed to be easily customizable with any quiz questions you want. Supply up to 20 questions for each category desired. When a player begins, he or she chooses a category. The game randomly draws 8 questions from the database of questions. Each question is displayed with three multiple choice answers. Also available to the player is a hint and an eraser (which erases one of the incorrect answers), but only one hint and one eraser can be used during a quiz. The game will keep your score, deducting points for hints and erasers used. When complete, the percentage correct is displayed so players can compare scores.

This game can be customized with any questions and categories. You can even use the categories to offer questions for different age groups.

The price of this game includes customization of up to three categories of quizzes, the questions, the multiple choice answers, and the hints.

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