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Pick Quick - Pre-K Touch Screen Game

Pick Quick - Pre-K Touch Screen Game

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, May 22, 2013/Categories: Customizable Touch Screen Kiosk Games

More and more Pre-K children are visiting museums and science centers each year. To address this fact and offer an interactive, educational game for these young visitors, we have developed Pick Quick. Game play for Pick Quick is very simple. The large buttons make it easy for small hands to interact and all questions are narrated so that reading is not necessary. The questions also appear in text on the screen for beginning readers (and adults).

Pick Quick can be populated with questions that will compliment your exhibit. "Which one lays eggs?" "Which one is dangerous?" Any questions you choose can be included to enhance your exhibit and offer interactive education. The questions are randomly drawn so that the game changes every time its played. Sound effects make this game a lot of fun.

The price of this game includes the following customization: Inclusion of up to 20 questions with two multiple choice answers each. All questions will be narrated and the background image can be changed to any image you supply.





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