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Touch Screen Menus and Navigation

Many of our customers choose to offer several interactive games and informational programs on a single kiosk. Offering a number of choices makes the kiosk more suitable for people of different age groups and interests. Some of our customers want to add one of our games to a kiosk that is currently running another program. Whenever there are more than one program to be accessed on a kiosk, a main menu is required. 

Our main menus are custom designed for each customer. Utilizing a photo from the location or exhibit creates a custom look that complements the facility and/or exhibit. Our main menu programs all include the following features: 

  • Large buttons for accessibility
  • Photo, logo and sponsor recognition as desired
  • "No Access" testing for system security
  • Program usage tracking data collection
  • Complete testing
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Fairfield, NJ 07004
Call:  973-882-9411 (NJ)

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