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Custom Touch Screen Kiosks and Exhibits

To compliment our touch screen software products and services, CD Meyer also offers custom design and exhibit fabrication services for kiosks and exhibits. Our expert designers have extensive experience in designing kiosks and exhibits with consideration for form, function, and durability. 

Bring your own concept or let us brainstorm for you. Whether you want a rustic, traditional, or contemporary furniture look or a more free-form, natural or abstract look, we'll make sure your exhibit exceeds your expectations.

Custom Kiosk and Exhibit Design Services include:
  • Kiosk and exhibit design
  • ADA compliant kiosk designs
  • Custom computer interfaces
  • Wood, metal, and foam carved kiosk fabrication
  • Computer hardware integration
  • Complete kiosk hardware testing






Custom Kiosk and Exhibit Info Request

15 Oak Road, 202
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Call:  973-882-9411 (NJ)

Text:  973-910-1140

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