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Where On Earth

Where On Earth

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, May 22, 2013/Categories: Customizable Touch Screen Kiosk Games

Where on Earth is a game designed to introduce players to our home planet from a satellite's point of view. Players will be presented with a series of NASA satellite photos showing landmarks from across the globe. Not only will players see these great landmarks from "afar" but they will also have the opportunity to learn a series of interesting facts about the location. Play begins with a satellite photo and the question "Where are you?" is posed. The player is presented with 3 multiple choice answers and a button to access clues to the answer. Choose a Hint or take a guess. Once the correct answer is chosen, the next photo is displayed. The game keeps score as the series of photos is displayed and a congratulatory screen ends the game. 

This fun and educational game can be filled with satellite images from a specific continent, or a specific category (like rivers), or just with a variety of interesting places. The Hints are also completely customizable to you can develop a game that reinforces and enhances other exhibits in your museum.

The price of this game includes the following customization: Your choice of locations from our library or your supplied photos, your hints and text.



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