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Customizable Touch Screen Kiosk Games

CD Meyer has produced touch screen,interactive, educational, computer games for children of all ages. We have many games currently developed and many more on the way. Most of these games have been designed to be customized to suit your educational content and are an affordable way to incorporate a new, touch screen kiosk exhibit into your museum or visitor’s center. 

Word Find 2.0

point2explore 0 5670
Not just for the newspaper anymore. This classic game features science related words in several categories (planets, scientists, dinosaurs, etc.) and is completely customizable. Choose your own categories and/or words for a customized game specifically for your facility. Simply choose the first letter of a word you see, then the last letter, and if you’re right, see and hear the response and see the word crossed off the list. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal words make this game challenging and fun. And to keep this game "fresh", the words are rearranged every time you play.

Pop Quiz 2.0

point2explore 0 4395
This multiple choice quiz game is lots of fun. We have a version with IQ questions, a version with Reptile questions, and a version with Biography questions, but you can use any questions you want. You can even categorize your questions by difficulty, by creature type or any other criteria. The game displays a grouping of random questions with their multiple choice answers. If you need help, the game can give you a hint or erase one of the wrong answers.

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Mug Shots 2.0

Touch Screen Crime Scene Mystery Game

point2explore 0 3604
If you enjoy the CSI television series, you'll love this new game. This game lets players solve a mystery "crime" with the help of Gus, our museum security detective. You provide the list of suspects and the incident reports and your visitors try to match the perpetrator to the "crime." Our first version of this game (Bug Shots) challenges players to match a bug to the incident it caused.

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Think Twice 2.0

Creature Feature

point2explore 0 4259
Reminiscent of the "Concentration" card game, this game deals out hidden pairs of "cards" along with a wild card. Match all of the pairs and win. Our first version, Reptiles, challenges players to match a reptile/amphibian with it's scale or shell texture. Our second version, Skulls, challenges players to match an animal to it's skull. When a match is made, a fact about that skull's attributes is displayed. Our latest version, Big Cats, thanks to Big Cat Rescue, challenges players to match a fur pattern to the big cat it belongs to. As in all of our games, this game is fully customizable.

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye 2.0

point2explore 0 3655
Match the sound you hear with one of four images on the screen. This demo game includes screens from Birds, Frogs and Toads, Musical Instruments, and Languages. Every time you play, the screens are rearranged so you never know what you might get! This simple game is great for very young children and still fun for the young at heart.

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Fowl Play 2.0

point2explore 0 3908
Choose a beak, body, feet, and a habitat, then see the bird you created. Once you've seen your bird, learn about the body parts you chose (strong, sharp talons for grasping, seed eater beak, webbed feet for swimming, etc.). This game is lots of fun and contains lots of interesting information which can be customized.

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Guide and Seek

point2explore 0 3652
Scroll through a visual list of animals and habitats and make a match. Where would you most likely find the Walking Stick, the Cormorant, or the Black Capped Chickadee? Find out where you can see a specific animal in your area. Customize this game with 28 animals and 4 habitats. Photos can be from your location! This game is great for bird and animal watchers of all ages.

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Place In History

point2explore 0 3805
Choose a time-period and scroll through a visual list of inventions to make a match. In what time period was the clothes dryer invented? How about the toilet? Customize this game with 28 inventions and 4 time-periods. As in most of our games, this game is fully customizable so it can be set up to match any individual items to any category. See our Guide and Seek game to see how this game can change.

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Where On Earth

point2explore 0 3495
Get a satellite's-eye-view of our home planet and learn interesting facts about the locations you see. This fun new game lets you figure out the location with a series of hints. As in all of our games, the locations and Hints are completely customizable. Include satellite photos from a specific continent or choose a theme like "Rivers" or "Wonders of the World."

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Pick Quick

Pre-K Touch Screen Game

point2explore 0 5051
This game was designed specifically for Pre-K children with larger buttons (for small hands) and a voice narration. The game is simple but very educational and fun. You provide a series of questions with two multiple choice, visual answers. The game verbally asks the question and presents the two answer buttons with large images.

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Paige's Newsroom 2.0

point2explore 0 4450
This program brings an interactive news room to your museum. Novice reporters can create their own news article and print it out to take home. The program also works with a digital camera and prompts the reporter to pose for his/her photo. Once the article and photo are complete, the system will print out the article with a mast head and even advertising. This program is great for sponsorships.

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Order Sorter

Touch Screen Kiosk Game - Place Images in Proper Order

point2explore 0 3489
Our new “drag and drop” interactive game deals out 3 images in a random sequence. Players simply drag each image into the correct position in the sequence line up. Get it wrong and you get a second chance. Get it right and you win! Teach your visitors about the sequence of natural processes, food chain, time lines – anything that can be placed in a sequence. This game is fun for all ages and as challenging as you want it to be.

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True Identity

Guess the Identity of the Image

point2explore 0 3658

True Identity - Can you guess the identity of the image? Your visitors can choose from multiple thumbnails images to see if they can identify the object using the image, hints and even a sound! >From a list of multiple choice answers, they can touch one to find out if they have identified the image correctly. Customize this game to your specifications: Animals, instruments, historic figures, automobiles, etc. Any educational data can be incorporated into this game.

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